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About Us

Earthzone is proud to launch the world's most environmentally friendly pencil. Our company is committed to producing top-quality eco friendly products at low prices.

Earthzone's recycled HB and specialty pencil lines are non-toxic and made of whole sheets of 100% recycled newspapers.  The leads sharpen easily and do not break, lasting up to 3 times longer than regular wood pencils. 

Our products are sold in uniquely designed, informative, recycled packages and are available online and at many stores across Canada and the USA.

Please feel free to browse our website, purchase our recycled pencils, learn about the Earthzone vision and how our products are made and comment on our blog about green issues. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Earthzone now offers custom labelled pencils! Please email us for a quotation.

Wood Pencils vs. Earthzone Recycled Pencils

We at Earthzone believe strongly in our product's value as a superior quality and fully sustainable pencil.

To make traditional HB pencils, forests the size of 90 tennis courts are cut down every minute to supply wood. Each year, 14 billion of these pencils are made in polluting factories and thrown away in landfills that harm our ecosystems. Scientific studies have proven that producing pencils in this way is damaging the environment.

Earthzone pencils are made of 100% recycled newspaper and require no raw materials or toxic chemicals. By reusing a 4-foot stack of newspapers, one 40-foot pine tree can be saved. No Earthzone pencil is the same, and they look and feel exactly like conventional pencils, only they perform better. You can even recycle the shreds when you sharpen them!

Earthzone Recycled Pencils are available online and at over 300 university and college bookstores, art stores, gift shops, stationary stores, and drugstores across Canada and the USA.

The Earthzone Vision

Earthzone is committed to conducting ethical and responsible business, based on principles of environmental preservation and professionalism. We pride ourselves on high quality control, attention to detail, and prompt service.

In the near future, we are expanding our product line to include other affordable and sustainable items such as toys, paper products and clothing. Earthzone aims to become a world leader in helping customers around the world "go green." Keep visiting our website for our latest product additions.

About Earthzone

The Earthzone brand and products are owned and manufactured by MFS Enterprises Inc., a Canadian corporation based in Toronto, Ontario.